I have had an interest in ceramics for many years, gradually developing techniques through school, college, and evening classes. These I attended for eight years in the 80’s. My interest led me into encouraging children to work with clay, during my teaching career, and I ran many clay workshops for children and teachers until my retirement in 2006.

My recent work centres on two quite different products, although most of the work is hand built, so every piece is unique.

I create sculptural style pots, vases and bowls using stoneware. These are glazed in a variety of ways and it is this ‘experimental’ application of glazes that creates the finished piece. I also make ‘personal themed mirrors’. These are usually made to order. They consist of small earthenware relief tiles, which are hand painted before being glazed.

These are then made into a mirror which is about 12” x 11” when finished. Many of the mirrors I make for children and they include the child’s name and a variety of things they like. Or they may depict a favourite story etc. Recently I have worked on more adult themes, like ‘garden birds’, musical instruments, horse racing etc.

Examples of my work may be viewed in The Gallery.